Smoke Detector Changes in 2018

Attention Homeowners and Sellers! Did you know that the laws regarding smoke alarms have changed as of January 1, 2018? Follow these new laws to make sure your home is up to date and safe.  Thinking of selling? All sellers MUST update to current standards before the sale of their home. A seller who fails to comply with the law is subject to a fine, imprisonment or both.

  • NO ALARM (Battery powered and hard-wired alarms) may be older than 10 years from manufacture date.
  • 9-volt battery alarms are no longer permitted.
    • Battery-only smoke alarms must be powered with a sealed, life-long battery and have a Silence/hush feature.
  • One alarm must be on each level of a home including the basement.
  • One alarm must be outside of each “sleeping area”.
  • One alarm must be inside of each “sleeping room” for home built or renovated after January 1, 2013.
  • AC powered alarms less than 10 years old are still acceptable
  • Additional alarms required as of January 1, 2019 (such as in basement) may be battery-operated if they are sealed, life-long battery smoke alarms with silence/hush feature.
  • Hard-wired, AC devices must be replaced with hard-wired alarm
  • Hard-wired alarms cannot be replaced with battery-only alarms

Additional Rules

  • For rentals, landlords are required to supply special and sufficient alarms for those who have hearing impairments in each “sleeping room”

Please keep in mind that rules and regulations vary for new construction and rentals. Ask your real estate advisor to verify compliance with they city or county the home is located.